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Videos are everywhere nowadays on social media and it gets tiring sometimes when we just stumble across videos that trap our attention and we just have to watch but, on the other hand, some videos make storytelling even more fun!
You can go back and forth attempting to get the right audience. Employing the use of videos easily captivates and draws more attention to your brand. Most viewers want to get the best of ideas in the flit of seconds and in the best enjoyable way.

Our recommendation:

Let the story connect with your target audience.
Capture your target audience’s attention within the first few seconds of the video and let them feel like they are a part of what they are watching. For example, you can show the lighthearted human side of your company or use humor.
Video elements must relate with your brand when working with video, it’s important to use everything at your disposal to tell your brand story: colours, music, effects, footage, voiceover, and much more. Therefore, find visuals and sounds that reflect your brand before you even begin production.
Make every detail count
Videos make it possible to show your stories and not only tell them. Therefore, let them feel the emotions of the story through the visual expressions in the video.

Less is more
Less is more when it comes to your story anything extra will simply dilute your brand.
Let every part of the video be intriguing and puzzling. Entice your audience with details bit by bit

Make it a point to always leave something for your viewers to think about. Share a good feeling, tip, inspiration, testimonials, motivation, warning, or even a shocking news.
You see!
It’s not all just about making videos,
It’s about using videos to show and not tell.

Thanks for reading, Watch & Enjoy Our Message Of Hope Video Below:

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