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In this digital era, every business, no matter how small needs to have its business online. If you are a start-up or corporate brand and don’t have a website for your business, Brandz Digital can build one for you now!

Many businesses now leverage netizens to keep their business going. However, that should not be your only reason to own one. A website is a great way to help build your brand. It helps to make informed decisions about what is right for your business. Having a business website promotes trust and also shows how professional your company is. But this is only possible when it is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, easily accessible and simple to use.

Here are 10 must-haves for your website that will increase your return on investment and give your online web visitors a worthwhile experience.

Easy Menu Navigation
The menu is one very important website navigation that most visitors first lookout for. It helps them find content on your website page. Ensuring that your visitors have a smooth sailing experience on your page would demand that the menu is well organized. To avoid a cumbersome menu layout, create a clear and hierarchical menu or a sitemap.

Mobile-friendly version
Most internet users visit web pages through their mobile devices/smartphones as against their personal computers so ensuring your website is mobile-friendly is of great importance. You can create nice big buttons that are easy to see, include viewpoint meta tags and also regularly perform a responsive test on your website using tools like Responsive Test Tool.

Clear Contact Information:
Online web users who are willing to contact you are most of the time pleased with your website’s user experience and ready to contact you. Imagine your online visitor being awed by your website and ready to contact you but can’t find it easy to do so. It’s a clear indication you must have missed many other potential customers. Therefore, ensure your contact information is clear and well-detailed.

Security (SSL)
Ever wondered what the s in “https://” stands for? It means secure. It means the website is powered by a technology called SSL which means Secure Socket Layer. It ensures that any connection to a website is secure and encrypted. That means any data imputed is safely shared and remains private and free from attack.

3-5 seconds loading time:
Pay attention to the speed of your website. At least 47% of users expect websites to load within 3-5 seconds. You wouldn’t want to lose potential clients due to a slow website.

Well-defined value proposition
A value proposition is a clear statement that tells visitors why they should buy from you or use your services. It offers relevance, uniqueness, and value. A website should allow visitors to see at a glance the value proposition and with a few words why your business is the best choice for them. Therefore you must give a catchy value proposition that is well defined.

Clear Call to Action (CTA)
With your website, you can drive as many conversions as possible with a CTA. But it must be able to tell your visitors what they should do, and give them the motivation to do so. Your CTA should be strong enough to move people to act. Include a call to action such as get started, subscribe, try for free, learn more, join us e.t.c.

A Feedback System (Online Chat or Contact Forms)
Feedbacks make communication complete. Creating an opportunity to give feedback on your website is essential. You can display a simple survey, offer incentives to give feedback, or put a feedback button on your website.

Social Media Integration
Social media integration is important because it gives your website visitors a simple and fast method to connect with your brand on their preferred channel, which gives you more chances to interact with them. You can integrate social media on your website by adding social shares and follow buttons and/or showcasing your social media videos and pictures on your website.

Customer Testimonials
One of the easiest ways to engender trust and drive more conversions easily is through testimonials. It establishes your credibility in front of your potential customers. Follow up with your customers’ experience by asking for genuine feedback. Post positive feedback on your website as your testimonial and watch your customer base expand exponentially.

Following these tips will give your website a good user experience, and if you are looking for a reliable web design/development agency in Abuja, Nigeria to build your website then you can send an email to [email protected] or call 08099541942.