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Olaoluwa Pedro believes that businesses need consumer insights and a deep understanding of the market they operate in if they are to succeed. In doing this, companies need to have a complete understanding of customer insights and how the market is changing with respect to the company. They need to know how their competitors are playing their game, and they need to know the general state of their industry: is it growing or is it declining?

Brandz need Intelligent Marketing

All these consumer insights must be focused on for businesses to grow. Brands need marketing intelligence that collates and analyzes contextual data related to customer behaviour. This provides deep customer insights, industry trends, and potential business opportunities.

Defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Effective Marketing Intelligence

Successful marketing intelligence requires a clear definition of key performance indicators (KPIs). These include quantitative KPIs—measurable indicators such as total revenue, total revenue of competitors, number of views, clicks, products sold, etc. Qualitative KPIs – indicators that consider things like customer surveys, analyses of customer sentiments through surveys, assessments, etc. Combining quantitative and qualitative KPIs provides a clear and vital focus for success

Methods for Gathering Market Intelligence

Among the methods Pedro cites for obtaining market intelligence are social media listening tools, web analytics, competitor benchmarking, focus groups, questionnaires, and surveys, as well as emerging new technologies like artificial intelligence. Pedro further explains, “Our focus is to fine-tune whatever approach is best suited to achieving service excellence for the brand based on customer insight”.

The impact of market intelligence on business growth

“My digital strategies have helped over 200 companies increase return on investment (ROI), save operational costs, and stand out from their competition”,

– says the Brandz Digital CEO, as he explains the impact of his approach.

Through Pedro’s leadership, Brandz Digital has provided solutions for startups, SMEs, MSMEs and more across 3 continents (Nigeria, Canada, UK, Italy, UAE, Ireland, USA, and France). He guides his team with a global perspective to achieve results that have increased thousands of businesses’ ROIs.

Brandz Digital’s Global Reach & The Vision for The Future

With this global reach, Olaoluwa Pedro is confident of the experience and insights necessary to tackle unique problems businesses may face in trying to scale and succeed both locally and globally.

He is willing to share his wealth of experience, which spans over a decade, to collaborate, partner, and guide businesses to achieve their full potential.