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As a digital marketing agency, it is important to track your effort to see how far your effort has paid off. Tracking the right analytics will help strengthen the marketing campaign as well as show off the work. Below are some top metrics you can use as a digital marketing agency.

Landing Page Traffic from Organic Search: Measuring landing page traffic which is designed from organic search allows you to understand or know the top pages searchers are landing on whenever they search for relevant questions or questions. You can check through this to know the top-ranking pages of your site. You can do this by checking the bouncing rate and session durations which will help you decide if you need more effort to grow as an agency or to restructure your site.

Returning Visitors

This is another metric to check if your effort is paying off. It is important to measure your returning visitors as you do for a new visitor. Measuring your returning visitor helps you understand or know that your visitor keeps coming back to your site because you have good content or they are satisfied with what they see. At the same time, low returning visitors mean that there isn’t strong content to bring them back to that site and even help the agency to improve their site through content development, either by themselves or their team. So it helps you to know if the right content is what you deal with or put out to your clients

Total Bounce Rate

It is important to track your total bounce rate as a digital marketing agency. It helps you to track how standard your agency contents are and to know if your bounce rate is up to average. Once you notice your bounce rate isn’t up to average, it simply means most visitors coming to your site do not get what they want or could not get the best content they need on your site. This will also help you as an agency to know whether to improve your content or be at ease that you are improving with the right effort.

Social Shares

With organic marketing, there should be more focus on delivering quality content that engages people more or causes traffic on the site. When checking the content that interests people more, also note the social channels that give more shares or engagement to people. This will help you to engage your client more on that social channel and help you build them to a strong level that will help you bring them to become active on other social channels. This helps you build a strong ranking amidst other agencies.

Lead Close Rate

You know how many total leads your organic marketing is producing, but how many are actually converting? The lead close rate will reiterate the value of what you are offering to potential customers. It also indicates trust. If your lead close rate is below average, it can indicate that your website is not

producing qualified leads. This means you need to invest more time in understanding your ideal customer and making sure your pitch is a good fit for that customer.

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