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Seth Godin once said that “marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories that you tell”.  The idea of marketing is to get everyone to use your product or service but most marketers struggle with lead generation as their marketing approach is no longer effective. With increased competitors arising daily in your market-space, only a few brands can survive.

What keeps top brands like Nike, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Everlane and the likes thriving in their industry is neither forensic nor eerie. It’s brand storytelling!

What then is Brand storytelling?

Brand Storytelling is “the cohesive narrative that connects your brand to your customers”.

While marketing only presents the facts about a particular product, brand storytelling shares your core brand values, brand authority, and brand personality with your customers.

With brand storytelling, your brand stands the chance of being noticed, as customers interact with your brand better which makes it more authentic, valuable and trustworthy. It spots you out amidst the noise of other competitors even when their products are either of better quality, cheaper pricing or have even been in the business longer. Indeed, “facts tell but stories sell”.

Marketing at times appears to be interloping and disturbing and consumers get more attracted to stories as it sprouts emotions and emotions drive buying decisions. Stories create lasting memories, brand loyalty, and prompts customers to action.  A good brand story will captivate your target audience, help create a concrete relationship between your product and customers, and also turn your customers to proud brand advocates.

Leveraging on the power Brand Storytelling is a sure strategy to consider in your marketing goals as it will position your brand to get improved conversions and it’s high time you stop marketing and start brand storytelling!

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